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“What Emeriti Are Doing:  

Emeriti Survey Retirement Activities for 2021-2022.”


Husein Ajwa 

Department: Plant Sciences

School/College: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Participated in several growers’ extension meetings. Published a peer-reviewed paper (


George A. Barnett 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Communication

School/College: Arts & Letters?

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):


      Ji, J., Chao, N., Wei, S., & Barnett, G.A., Microblog credibility indicators regarding misinformation of genetically modified food on Weibo. PLOS ONE, 16(6):e0252392, 2021 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0252392.

     Ji, J. Robbins, M., Featherstone, J.D., Calabrese, C.J. & Barnett, G.A., Comparison of Public Discussions of Gene Editing on Social Media between the U.S. and China. PLOS ONE,2022.

     Barnett, G.A. & Park, H.W. Co-authorship among the Fellows of the International Communication Association. Scientometrics, submitted for publication. 

     Nan, D., Shin, E., Barnett, G.A., & Kim, J.H. Will coolness factors predict user satisfaction and loyalty? Evidence from an artificial neural network-structural equal model approach. Information Processing and Management, 59(6):103108, 2022. DOI: 10.1016/j.ipm.2022.103108

     Barnett, G.A., Calabrese, C.J., & Ruiz, J.B. A Comparison of Three Methods to Determine the Subject Matter in Textual Data. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, submitted for publication.

    Barnett, G.A., & Nam, Y.J., A Social Network Analysis of International Migration Flow. International Migration, submitted for publication.

Conference Papers:

Featherstone, J.D., Ruiz, J.B., & Barnett, G.A. Identifying Vaccine Hesitant Communities on Twitter and their Geolocations: A Network Approach. Paper presented Hawaii International Conferences on System Science (HICSS-54), January, 2021. 

Featherstone, J.D., Calabrese, C.J., Robbins, M., & Barnett, G.A., The Power of Sentiment Analysis on Opinion Mining: An Evaluation between Sentiment Scores of Texts and Self-reported Attitude Scores, Paper presented to the International Communication Association, May, 2021.

Barnett. G.A., Vaccine Communities on Twitter: A Network Approach, Keynote Address, International Workshop on Computational Methods in Social Sciences and International Communication Association Regional Hub, Hefei, China, May 2021. 

Barnett, G.A. & Park, H.W. Co-authorship among Elite Scholars: A Network Analysis of the International Communication Association’s Fellows. Paper presented to the International Communication Association, Paris, May, 2022.


      Social Networks in Medical Homes and Impact on Patient Care and Outcomes. (with Poghosyan, L.) PA-14-291 subcontract with Columbia University/National Institute of Health, $97,010, 4/19-3/24.

Professional Service:

 Editorial Board Member for 6 journals

 Reviewer for 17 different journals


Kent J. Bradford

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Plant Sciences 

School/College: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):


Gianella, M., Bradford, K.J., Guzzon, F. (2021) Ecological, (epi)genetic and physiological aspects of bet-hedging in angiosperms. Plant Reproduction 34: 21–36.

Bello, P., Bradford, K.J. (2021) Relationships of Brassica seed physical characteristics with germination performance and plant blindness. Agriculture 11: 220.

Sultana, R., Kunusoth, K., Amineni, L., Dahal, P., Bradford, K.J. (2021) Desiccant drying prior to hermetic storage extends viability and reduces bruchid (Callosobruchus chinensis L.) infestation of mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek) seeds. Journal of Stored Products Research 94: 101888.

Reed, R.C., Bradford, K.J. and Khanday, I. (2022) Seed germination and vigor: ensuring crop sustainability in a changing climate. Heredity 128, 450-459.

Bradford, K.J., and Bello, P. 2022. Applying population-based threshold models to quantify and improve seed quality attributes. In Julia Buitink and Olivier Leprince, eds., Advances in Seed Science and Technology for More Sustainable Crop Production, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK.


Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR). Optimizing Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Seed Development and Quality. With co-PIs Barbara Blanco-Ulate, Roger Chetelat (UC Davis) and Heqiang Huo (Univ. of Florida). 10/1/20 to 9/30/23. $1,100,000 total


11 invited presentations (online) in The Netherlands, Thailand, India, UK, Pakistan, China, US

2 invited presentations (live) in France and UK

Invited lectures in UC Davis courses: PLS 172, PBI 292

Extension teaching through Seed Biotechnology Center courses: Plant Breeding Academy, Seed Production, Seed Biology, Quality and Pathology, Hemp Breeding and Seed Production


Francine Bradley

Preferred Contact Information: 1775 E Palm Cyn, Suite 110-129, Palm Springs 92264

Department: Animal Sci

School/College: AES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): ran 3 programs at request of Dr. Annette Jones, California State Vet:  Poultry Health Inspection, Game Fowl Health Assurance, and Statewide 4-H Avian Sciences, Global Treasurer of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA), Chair Student Programs, Pacific Egg & Poultry Association, and National Co-Chair 4-H Avian Bowl


David S. Bunch

Preferred Contact Information:

School/College: Graduate School of Management

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): On recall status to the Institute of Transportation Studies.  Teaching one class per year (on choice modeling) to transportation and technology policy (TTP) graduate students, working on research projects, writing/publishing papers, and mentoring graduate students.  My students, colleagues, and I have given presentations (ten or more) at international conferences (in Iceland and Chile), UC Davis research center workshops, and the annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting in Washington D.C.   


Gary P Carlson DVM, PhD

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Medicine and Epidemiology

School/College: School of Veterinary Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Very little


Leo M Chalupa

Preferred Contact Information: email

Department: NPB & Ophthalmology

School/College: Biological Sciences and Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Faculty member at George Washington University Medical School


Hwai-Jong Cheng

 at Institute of Molecular Biology
Academia, Sinica
 Taipei, Taiwan

Department: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

School/College: Biological Sciences/School of Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): I retired from UCD in 2020 and became the Director of Institute of Molecular Biology at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. In 2021-2022, I continued my directorship and my research. Although It was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the job has been both challenging and exciting.


Yannis F. Dafalias 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: CEE

School/College: Engineering

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): PI on grant from the Army Research Office with UCD; Senior researcher at the Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences at Prague


Kathryn G. Dewey

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Nutrition

School/College: Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

  1. Continued research including several meta-analyses that ultimately culminated in a joint statement in Nature Food, and two press releases:
  1. Member of 3 different expert committees for the World Health Organization on nutrition of infants and young children
  2. Member of the Food and Nutrition Board for the National Academy of Medicine
  3. Member of the Board of Directors for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
  4. Member of 3 different technical advisory committees on maternal nutrition, for different initiatives
  5. 30 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals in 2021 and 2022
  6. Guest lectures and multiple seminar and webinar presentations


Hugh Dingle

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Entomology and Nematology, College of Ag and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): At the very end of 2020 completed a project with grad student Micah Freedman (Population Biology) on the evolution of monarch butterfly migratory/nonmigratory behavior and consequences for wing morphology in the Americas and where introduced on Pacific (mostly) islands. This resulted in 3 papers in Biol. Journal of the Linnaean Society, Animal Migration, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences all senior authored by Micah. The project was in part funded by an Edward A. Dixon research grant. I have guest lectured on insect migration in Prof. Joanna Chiu's class in Insect Physiology each of the last two years. In 2021 I acquired a certain amount of notoriety (!) because I have contacted various county officials and the Marin Independent Journal to say that the State of California ban on tropical milkweed is unnecessary - garden plantings will not harm migrating monarchs! I have been supported in this by Prof. Arthur Shapiro and others. I continue to work with faculty at UCDavis on various projects concerning migration (all animal groups) which is my specialty, although this has slowed because of covid. I travel to Davis frequently to visit my daughters and faculty colleagues. I now live in Marin (Larkspur) with my partner Margot Jasie (my wife died in 2018). We travel when possible (to Oaxaca in 2021) and I continue to birdwatch. We have an upcoming trip to Spain for birding and culture.


Robert H. Fairclough 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Neurology

School/College: Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Working on a diagnostic and therapeutic for myasthenia gravis


Ed Feldman

Department: Medicine and Epidemiology

School/College: Veterinary Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Research: provided the ideas, research plans, coordinated, and help fund several projects that included colleagues here in the U.S., Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, and Spain. We have had 3 peer-reviewed publications published and 2 projects are currently active and not yet complete. Continuing Education Lectures: Have lectured live in Italy and via zoom in Korea, China, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil. Books: 1) am currently editing the 9th edition of an internal medicine textbook generally accepted as the single best such resource in our profession. 2) am editor-in-chief of an 18 textbook series. The first 4 books will be published between November of this year and February of 2024.


Gail Finney 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Comparative Literature/German

School/College: Letters and Science

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): I retired in December 2020--in the thick of the pandemic--after forty years of teaching German literature and comparative literature, eight years at Harvard and thirty-two at UC Davis. Since then, I have done research for a book on trauma and the fantastic mode, have learned Spanish (online), have written 130 pages of a memoir (in progress), have begun taking piano lessons, have performed in three plays at Winters Theatre Co., have participated regularly (online) in events at the Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies in Oakland and joined its Board, have taken several courses online (on acting, memoir-writing, the history of country music, and film), and did a lot of phone banking and canvassing for Democratic candidates in the 2020 and 2022 elections.     


John Hall 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Sociology

School/College: College of Letters and Science


Shermain Hardesty 

Preferred Contact Information:, 530 219-9004

Department: Agricultural & Resource Economics

School/College: Ag & Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

a. Teaching:

    1. Supervise undergraduate Sustainable Agriculture student (J. McKerracher), in 199 course (2 units) in Winter Quarter 2021.

     2. In Winter Quarter in both 2021 and 2022, I was part of the faculty for the First Year Seminar, Global Tea Culture and Science

b. Research:    

    1. (2021) Participated in USDA Funded Specialty Crop Research Initiative Planning Grant--Establishing Partnership and Building Infrastructure for Production, Harvesting, Processing, and Marketing of US-Grown Tea. I provided significant input designing the 2021 US Tea Industry Survey

    2.(2022)  Participated extensively in preparing USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Grant Proposal: Advancing the U.S. Tea Industry through Utilizing Integrated Technologies in Response to Industry and Consumer Demand. Unfortunately, the PI left out one required file; therefore, our proposal was not reviewed.

    3. (2021-2022) Researched and wrote the chapter, Developing a Commercial Tea Industry in California, for publication in the proposed book, Studies in the Culture, History, and Science of Tea (not yet published)

    4. (2022) Worked with PI to submit California Dept. of Food & Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant co proposal: Building a California Tea Trail to enhance rural tourism and promote specialty crops, and then the full proposal (submitted 1/14/2023).

    5. (2022) Conducted three case studies and made a presentation,  Expanding An Agritourism Enterprise with Processed Products, at the International Workshop on Agritourism, on 8/31/22 in Burlington, Vermont.

    6. (2022) Wrote article related to the presentation, Expanding An Agritourism Enterprise with Processed Products, for review to be included in the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Agritourism. Submitted 11/30/22; accepted 2/8/23.

c. Service:

    1. (2022) -Reviewed 5 chapters for publication in the proposed book, Studies in the Culture, History, and Science of Tea (not yet published)


Benjamin Hart 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Anatomy, Physiology, Cell Biology 

School/College: Veterinary Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Co-authored three peer-reviewed scientific papers and published one book with a second author (The Perfect Puppy, by Elsevier)


William Hoover 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Applied Science

School/College: University of California @ Davis/Livermore

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): My Wife Carol Griswold Hoover and I have been active in physics research, publishing half a dozen peer-reviewed papers and a book (Elegant Simulations, World Scientific, Singapore  2023, see below with a better copy available on the World Scientific site), coauthored with Prof Clint Sprott (physics emeritus, University of Wisconsin). Our work in computational physics emphasizes chaotic dynamics, nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, with a primary audience of graduate-level researchers and faculty.


Jan W Hopmans

 Preferred Contact Information:

 Department: LAWR

 School/College: CAES

 Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Writing various articles and teaching graduate course at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.


John Iacovelli 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Theatre and Dance 

School/College: L&S


Alan Jackman

Preferred Contact Information: (530)756-3484

Department: Chemical Engineering 

School/College: Engineering

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): I serve on the UCDEA Executive Committee and Chair the Video Records Committee.  I am still doing some research regarding the effects of climate patterns, mostly El Nino and La Nina, on the chemistry of streams in a protected rainforest in Costa Rica.  Hobbies include biking, habitat restoration, restoration of classic British cars, and genealogy.


Jill G. Joseph

Preferred Contact Information:

School/College: Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): 

  1. Recalled to teach a required course and to advise PhD students
  2. Collaborating with a consortium of African-American churches to develop and intervention to address the needs of disadvantaged elderly, primarily in the African-American community
  3. Developing training modules and implementing them with community members who will serve as care navigators delivering the intervention
  4. Mentoring junior faculty applying for NIH funding (formally as part of NIH-funded NRMN and also informally)


Suad Joseph 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Anthropology 

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

Books published 2021-2023 

2021:  Michael Suleiman, Suad Joseph, Louise Cainkar, co-eds. 2021. Arab American Women: Resistance and Refusal. Syracuse University Press. (Honorable Mention book prize Arab American National Museum; Choice Magazine ranked one of the top 100 books produced in 2021).

2022:  Suad Joseph, Lena Meari, Zeina Zaatari, co-eds. Politics of Engaged Gender Research: Feminist Fieldwork and the Production of Knowledge.  I.B.Tauris 

2023:  Suad Joseph and Zeina Zaatari, co-eds. Handbook on Women in the Middle East. Routledge Press.

2023:  Suad Joseph, ed. Reporting Islam. Muslim Women in the New York Times, 1979-2011. I. B. Tauris. 

2023, Feb 22  “From Connectivity to Connective Trauma:  Critical Pathways Engaging Arab Families and Selving.” American University of Beirut Retrospective on Suad Joseph’s work.  Center for Arab and Middle East Studies.

YouTube link:

Numerous articles published, and lectures, keynotes, workshops, grants, and the like.


Judith (Judy) Kjelstrom, PhD

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Biotechnology Program

School/College: Office of Research (physically housed in the College of Biological Sciences)

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):


Emeriti Association- co-chair, Awards and Recognition Committee and member, Fundraising Committee

Biotechnology Program - serves on Executive Committee for ADEPT grant ( Advancing Diversity by Educating the Professors of Tomorrow). 

  •  Teaching: workshops on CV and cover letter preparation as well as the Importance of Soft Skills
  •  Serve as a mentor for Graduate Students in ADEPT and DEB (Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology)

Sheldon High School Biotechnology Academy - chair of the Advisory Community

Board of Directors, MOSAC (Museum of Science and Creativity) in Sacramento. Serve as co-chair of the Education Committee. Currently serves on the MOSAC Health & Wellness Exhibit Advisory Committee. 

Support the Susan G. Komen Foundation by fundraising and walking the Komen 3Day in San Diego. One of the top fundraisers on our local team, Hands Up for Hooters.

Our team was the top fundraiser in 2022 for the San Diego walk. Also the largest team.  I completed my 7th 60 mile walk in 2022. Committed to end breast cancer deaths.

Active in Leadership California (Moving Women from Success to Significance). Recipient of the 2022 Legacy of Service Award.


Emilio A. Laca, PhD

Preferred Contact Information:
, (530) 220-5315

Department: Plant Sciences

School/College: CAES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Free statistical advice to graduate students from various labs, free statistical consulting for UCCE Farm Advisors, supervision and mentoring of graduate students and postdocs, paid consultant services to federal agencies and UC through my Data Models business.


Ernest L Lewis, M.D.

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Urology

Medical School: Dean’s Office (Associate Dean for Medical Education)

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Active volunteer with UCD Arboretum and Public Garden, Member: Board of Friends of the U.C.D. Arboretum and Public Garden, GATEways Planning Committee, Shields Society, and Warren Roberts Legacy Society.


Dean MacCannell

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Environmental Design

School/College: A&ES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): My largest project during Covid, the 14th and 15th years of my retirement, was to write a 350 page memoir of my childhood and youth, 18 & Out (Bongo Books: 2022). I have attached pre-publication praise for 18 & Out including a generous endorsement from former California governor Jerry Brown. My other publishing activity for ’21-’22 includes an encyclopedia entry, “Leisure Class,” Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Sociology, a journal article, “Back to the Front—Erving Goffman’s Past and Future Impact on Tourism Studies,” Mondes du Tourisme,  Paris, and three “Introductions" to international volumes: “Gracias Fernando,” Introduction to Souvenir, Souvenir, a festschrift honoring the life work of Fernando Estevez Gonsalvez, an eminent Spanish anthropologist, Concreta: Spain, 2022 (in Spanish);  “Forward" to Tourism Governance: A Critical Discourse on a Global Industry, Berlin: deGruyter, 2021; and “Forward" to Urban Tourism, Viral Society and the Impact of Covid 19, Lisbon: IGI Global, 2022. I also published two chapters in edited volumes, “Dangerous White Mythology—A Last Glance at Totemism,” in Encuentros Salvajes, Madrid: Concreta, 2022 (in Spanish), and “The United States of America” in Tourism Governance (see above). Also in 2021, I gave an invited lecture on the Berkeley campus, “Dialogue Concerning Tourism and Religion” with Thomas Apchain (forthcoming Annals of Tourism Research), contributed to a podcast, and provided an original artwork in clay to the annual San Francisco Day of the Dead exhibit at SOMARTS Gallery, “Mask of Xipe (the flayed one) Aztec God of Renewal.” My earlier work on the impacts of industrial scale agriculture on human communities received a detailed review, “Dean MacCannell—in Front of the Bayonet,” pp. 125-166 in Daniel O’Connell and Scott Peters, In the Struggle—Scholars and the Fight Against Industrial Agriculture in California, New York: New Village Press, 2021. Also, in 2021, I was informed by Google Scholar that my 1976 book, The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class had exceeded 12,000 citations.


Martha J. Macri 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Native American Studies

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): See bio on website in my signature


Student in Cherokee On-Line Language Classes 2021-2023, Cherokee Immersion Week, Tahlequah OK 2022, 2023

Book length monograph on Isthmian Script in preparation.

Presentations on-line:

2020   Prepositions ti and ta in Classic Maya Monument Texts. Glyphs and Drinks Online, February, 2020.

2020   Maya Signs and Spelled Words Having Possible Nahua Origins. Glyphs and Drinks Online, September, 2020.

2021   Linguistic Prehistory: Iroquoian Languages. Cherokee Linguistics Book Club. Online. May 29, 2021.

2021   Words for Maize and Tomato in Cherokee. Friends of Uto-Aztecan. Online. UT Austin. June. 4, 2021.

2021   Words for Maize and Tomato in Cherokee. Friends of Uto-Aztecan/El Taller de los Amigos de las Lenguas uto-aztecas. Online. Austin, TX. June 4, 2021.

2022   Research Ethics and Archival Documents. Cherokee Linguistics Book Club. Online. March 19, 2022

2022     Syllabaries: Maya and Cherokee. Cherokee Linguistics Book Club. Online. September 17, 2022.

Database Put On-line:

see info in "About"


2021     Prepositions ti and ta in Classic Maya Monument Texts. Glyph Dweller, Report 69.

2022     Report 75 - MHD Reference Materials 5: The Historical Development of the Maya Script: Preliminary Results - Matthew Looper and Martha J. Macri - January 2022.

2022     Report 72 - MHD Reference Materials 2: List of Texts, Site Codes, and Collections - Matthew Looper and Martha J. Macri - January 2022.

2022     Report 71 - MHD Reference Materials 1: Preliminary Revised Glyph Catalog - Matthew Looper, Martha J. Macri, Yuriy Polyukhovych and Gabrielle Vail - January 2022.


Stephen A. McCurdy, MD MPH

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Public Health Sciences

School/College: School of Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):  Advisor for MPH graduate students, 2017 – present; Deputy Public Health Officer, Marin County, CA, May 2020 – June 2021 (COVID-19 response); substitute elementary school teacher, 2021 – present; faculty for American Thoracic Society intensive clinical epidemiology course, 1998 – present; backpacking locally and in the Sierras; international travel (Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal, Thailand), amateur radio, flute.


Sandra McPherson

Preferred Contact Information: email:

Department: English

School/College: Letters & Science

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):  I have had two books published: The 5150 Poems (Nine Mile Books, 2022, Lafayette NY) & Speech Crush (Gunpowder Press, 2022, Santa Barbara CA).


Carole Meredith

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Viticulture & Enology 

School/College: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): With my husband Stephen Lagier, I own and operate Lagier Meredith Vineyard in the Mount Veeder area in Napa. We grow 4 varieties of wine grapes and also make the wine. We market and sell the finished wine primarily directly to consumers and ship it all over the United States. We have no employees.


Roberta L. Millstein

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Philosophy

School/College: College of Letters and Science

Activities over the last two years (2021-2022):

Award:  Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for 2022 (announced 2023) 

Book: Signed contract for The Land Is Our Community: A Land Ethic for the New Millennium (working title) with the University of Chicago Press (March 2022).  I have submitted a full draft (January 2023), which is currently under review.


 “The coevolution of science and values in Aldo Leopold's thinking.” Presented at the biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Pittsburgh, PA, November 2022 (PSA 2022).

“Rethinking Leopold's Argument in Support of the Land Ethic. ” Presented at the International Society for Environmental Ethics session at the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Vancouver, Canada, April 2022.

“Aldo Leopold and the Biodiversity-Stability Connection” Presented (virtually) at the biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Baltimore, MD, November 2021 (PSA 2020/2021).

“Aldo Leopold and the Biodiversity-Stability Connection” Presented at the biennial meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology, virtual meeting hosted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, July 2021 (ISHPSSB 2021). 

“Thinking about Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic: Conceptual and Ethical Issues.” Presented to the Groupe de recherche en éthique environnementale et animale (GRÉEA) via Zoom, January 2021.  

PhD advising:  Advising two students in the Philosophy Department, plus co-running a Philosophy of Biology Lab with another (now retired) faculty member 

Service to the profession (ongoing): 

Co-editor for journal Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology (PTPBio)

Co-Chair of the History and Philosophy of Science section and a member of Council for the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Editorial board for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP)

Editorial board for the journal Philosophy of Science

Referee for various journals

Tenure/promotion letters


Patricia Mokhtarian

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

School/College: Engineering

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Very busy as a Georgia Tech faculty member, doing the usual research/teaching/service activities. 2021 was a great year, with two students winning national awards for their PhD dissertation and MS thesis, respectively, and me receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in my primary professional society.


Peter Moyle 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology, Center for Watershed Sciences 

School/College: CAES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):  

15 peer-reviewed publications (co-author, lead on 2)

4 book chapters

20 blogs (California WaterBlog)

Described or redescribed 4 species and 9 subspecies of freshwater fish from CA

Fish and stream restoration biologist (probono) for Water Audit, a public benefit law firm

Expert witness for dam reoperation/removal Santa Maria River

Member ,Technical Review Panel for salmon temperature issues, San Jose 

3-4 MS thesis committees, 2-3 lectures

6-10 outside reviews of manuscripts, NSF proposals etc.


Alan L. Olmstead

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Economics 

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Writing two books and about 10 articles.  Submitted one article. Lecturing. Advising some ex-students. Raising hell. Having fun.


Ben Orlove

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Env Sci and Policy

School/College: A&ES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Teaching at Columbia University in the School of International and Public Affairs and the Climate School, directing the MA Program in Climate and Society, serving as Lead Author on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report, research (anthropology, climate change adaptation), and a member and leader in a local climate action network.


William Pevec 

Department: Surgery                 

School/College: School of Medicine

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

Founder and chair, UC Davis Health Sustainability Advocates

Member, UC Davis Health Sustainability Committee

Member, UC Davis Health Waste Reduction Subcommittee

Volunteer and Docent Coordinator, Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve


Richard Plant

Preferred Contact Information: email

Department: Plant Sciences

School/College: AES

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

Associate Editor, Journal of Precision Agriculture


Meng, X, J. Hu, R. E.Plant, T. E.Carpenter, and J. R.Carey. Distinctive egg-laying patterns in terminal versus non-terminal periods in three fruit fly species. Experimental Gerontology (2021).

Bloom, A. J. and R.E. Plant (A.K.A. “Bloomin’ Plant). Wheat grain yield decreased over the past 35 years, but protein content did not change. Journal of Experimental Botany (2021) 

Griffith, D.A. and R.E. Plant (2022). Statistical Analysis in the Presence of Spatial Autocorrelation: Selected Sampling Strategy Effects. Stats 5, 1334–1353.


Ted Reid

Department: Ophthalmology and Visual Science

School/College: Medical School

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Working on anti-viral and anti-bacterial drugs.


Subhash Risbud

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

School/College: Engineering

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Research on solar cell materials processing, Ceramics and Glasses for optical applications, electronic materials for semiconductor and superconductor technologies. Service on search committees for new faculty, UGEP committee, and industrial consulting on SBIR proposals.


Lynn E. Roller

Preferred Contact Information: email: 

Department: Art History 

School/College: Letters & Science

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): 

New publications: 

“Phrygian Matar Kubeleya and Lydian Kubaba: the same or different?”, in From Sardis to Gordion,  ed. Nicholas Cahill and Rostislav Oreshko (forthcoming).  

“The Gluhite Kamani LiDAR survey and its implications for our understanding of Thracian cult monuments,” in Ancient Thrace: Myth and Reality. Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Congress of Thracology, ed. Peter Delev, Totko Stoyanov, Svetlana Yanakieva, Hristo Popov, Anelia Bozkova, Maya Vassileva, Julia Tzvetkova, Margarit Damyanov, Petya Ilieva, Juliy Emilov. (St. Kliment Ohridski Press: Sofia 2022) pp. 401-408. 

“From Phrygian to Greek. The decline of the Phrygian alphabet in 1st-millennium BCE Anatolia,” in Beyond all Boundaries: Anatolia in the First Millennium BCE, ed. Annick Payne, Šárka Velhartická and Jorit Wintjes. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 295 (Peeters: Leuven, Paris, Bristol CT 2021) pp. 590-603. 

Professional Service Activities 

Board of Trustees, American Institute for Southeastern European Studies, Chair, 2015-2021; Treasurer, 2021-2024

Co-Chair, Committee on Research Grants, Archaeological Institute of America, 2020-2026

Member, Admissions and Fellowships Committee, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 2018-2022 

Member and UC Davis representative, Managing Committee, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, 2021-2023

Other professional activities

Instructor, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 2022-present

Courses taught:

Greek Art and Greek Myth

Roman Art in the Time of Augustus Caesar

Egyptian Art in the Age of Ramses II


Dennis E. Rolston

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Land, Air and Water Resources

School/College: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Published two papers with colleagues and former student


Juliana Schiesari,

Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature and Italian, University of California, Davis

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): ballet, writing a memoir, traveling. 


Peter Schiffman 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Earth and Planetary Sciences 

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Preparing second edition of this book:


Edward Schroeder

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

School/College: Engineering


Barbara Sellers-Young

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Department of Theatre and Dance

School/College: College of Letters and Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): 

Published the following:

2022 Artist Activating Sustainability: The Oregon Story (London: Anthem Press)

Artists often talk of a sense of community, of being in a place that engages their creativity in a cultural history that is deeply tied to and inseparable from their local environment. The phrase ‘community art’ emphasizes a collaboration between the artist and community; it is practiced where the artist and the neighborhood intersect. Projects most often take place as a means of revitalizing a community or providing an opportunity for community members to engage in a creative process. Increasingly, this has become a national and international movement in which sustainability of the identity of the community, the individuals within it and the environment are at the core of the project. This project engages the conception of art evolved in the ethos of community as its basic framework but considers it from a situationally historic perspective against the backdrop of the diverse landscape of Oregon. As such it considers the role of nature, individual and community identity in the development of arts projects that ultimately become associated with a community’s cultural and social milieu.

Oregon is known for its unique landscape that moves from the high deserts of eastern Oregon through the former volcanoes of the Cascade Range, the breadth of the Willamette River Valley, Coast Range and finally the Pacific coast from Astoria to Brookings. Oregon has a long history of environmental planning. In 1899, the Oregon legislature declared 30 miles of Oregon beach as a public highway from the Columbia River to the south line of Clatsop County. In 1913, they declared the entire coast a public highway. Throughout the 20th century, the Oregon legislature and communities throughout Oregon have placed an emphasis on land use from the role of the timber, fishing and mining industries to the planning necessary for cities and towns. This manuscript considers the combination of people and social cultural ethos that were influential in the development of specific literary, visual and performing arts groups across Oregon’s diverse landscape. Artists Activating Sustainability: The Oregon Story examines the way in which the arts within specific communities, against the background of landscape and history, reveal concepts of sustainability that help us broaden our knowledge of what is needed to create a sustainable world. As such, each chapter considers the themes of participation, agency and empowerment through the lens of land, history and individual initiative.

I have also served as the President of the League of Women Voters for Marion and Polk Counties and as a commissioner for the Salem Public Art Commission. 


Phillip R. Shaver, PhD.

Preferred Contact Information: 3226 Grosbeak Court, Davis, CA 95616; home phone: 530-753-0310; mobile phone: 530-219-9490; email:

Department: Psychology

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Reached 400 publications; have two new books in press; have served on various professional committees; have served on three PhD students' dissertation committees at other universities. 


Joseph Silva

Preferred Contact Information: <> 

Department: Internal Medicine

School/College: Medical School

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022)Founding Dean, California North State University College of Medicine


Dean Keith Simonton 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Psychology

School/College: L&S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Continued publishing research, primarily in the form of book chapters and journal articles - more than a dozen all told. Also gave more than a half dozen invited talks at conferences and universities both national and international (some virtual, of course). Still serve on editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals as well as ad hoc reviewer for dozens of journal submissions. Also, External Examiner for Doctoral Dissertation in Creative Writing at the School of Arts Media and Creative Technology, University of Salford, Salford, UK. Most notably, perhaps, became President-Elect for the Society for the History of Psychology, which is Division 26 of the American Psychological Association. Finally, have remained active in the public sphere, including interviews for a TV episode on "Genius" for the History Channel series "The UnXplained with William Shatner" and a film on "Creativity" that won Best Documentary at the Critics’ Choice International Film Festival. Wait! I'm no longer going up for a merit increase, so I'll stop here! In a word, busy. episode on "Genius" for the History Channel series "The UnXplained with William Shatner" and a film on "Creativity" that won Best Documentary at the Critics’ Choice International Film Festival. Wait! I'm no longer going up for a merit increase, so I'll stop here! In a word, busy


Randolph M Siverson

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Political Science

School/College: L and S

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Conducted research on survival of political leaders, reviewed papers (N=7) for professional journals, offered graduate seminar in fall quarter


Robert(Rob) Thayer

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Human Ecology (Landscape Architecture)

School/College: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): 

I have been writing essays relating to the upcoming and urgent changes in infrastructure and landscape as a result of the global climate crisis.  

I have recently published a chapter entitled “A Bioregional Bridge Across the Urban-Rural Divide” in Bioregional Planning and Design:  Perspectives on a Transitional Century, D. Fafani and A. Matron Ruiz, Des., 2020, Springer.

My 2003 UC Press Book, LifePlace: Bioregional Thought and Practice, is entering its twentieth continuous year in print, and has been cited in the literature over 500 times.  I remain active in both local and global bioregional organizations, giving lectures via Zoom in Italy and elsewhere.

Most interestingly, I am currently a PhD candidate via Prior Publication in the Department of Architecture and Landscape, Kingston University, London.  I am working remotely until my viva voce (oral exam).  My dissertation, entitled Reflections on a Half-Century of Research in Landscape Sustainability and Bioregional Theory, consists of a 95-page Introductory Section accompanied by my two books, a book chapter, and six journal articles, all totaling 800 print pages.  Like the late Dr. Robert Matthews and the late Dr. Isao Fujimoto of UCD, and my sister, Dr. Victoria Thayer of the North Carolina State Marine Laboratory, I have chosen to complete the PhD (which was not required of me when hired at UCD in 1973) later in life.    Since UC Davis, sadly, has no mechanism to reward my research here (two single-authored books, a hundred journal articles, eight research awards, and two revolving endowed  visiting professorships at U Minnesota and Berkeley) toward a PhD, I sought the program at Kingston University simply because I have a publication record equivalent to five PhDs in published subareas of my discipline (landscape perception, solar energy planning and utilization, wind energy and public response, sustainable technology and infrastructure, and bioregional theory and practice).


Jerold H. Theis DVM, PhD

Preferred Contact 

Department: Medical Microbiology and Immunology.

School/College: School of Medicine, UC Davis.

 Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): Chair, Enfield New Hampshire Conservation Commission and Board of Directors, New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions. 


Craig A. Tracy 

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Mathematics 

School/College: L&S


Stefano Varese Ph.D.

Preferred Contact Information:

Department: Native American Studies

School/College: Letter and Science/ Social Studies and Humanities

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):

Taught one Graduate Seminar NAS 202, one Undergraduate-Upper Division Course NAS 115

Published a few articles, initiated a commissioned book in Spanish by Editorial Planeta (Lima) "Amazonía el Bosque Civilizado"

After the suspension of Summer Abroad programs due to COVID 2020/21/22,  I will offer my Summer Abroad program "Environmental Justice in Indigenous Ecuador" in July 2023.

I am actively researching and participate in the defense of territorial and environmental rights of the Native People/Indigenous communities of Peru and Ecuador.

I am still mentoring graduate students from NAS, other ethnic studies units, Geography, Community Development, anthropology, etc.

I am currently in the Board of Directors of Cultural Conservancy (San Francisco) and Sachamama Tantanacuna (Center for Bio-Cultural Regeneration) Lamas, Peru.


Martha S. West

Preferred Contact Information:,  530-747-6018 (land line)

School/College: School of Law

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022):  

UCD Arboretum volunteer (Tuesday crew);  Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) board member and treasurer;  Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis treasurer (four years until Dec. 2021); Yolo County Democratic Central Committee, member and Parliamentarian; University Retirement Community, chair of Residents’ Finance Committee;  Davis Community Meals and Housing, co-chair of fundraising committee to build Paul’s Place. 

My focus is on volunteer activities.  I do very little legal research, but occasionally give informal presentations to community groups on current issues, such as the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, and the recent attacks on the gay and transgender communities.  I also spend time raising money for Democratic candidates in close Congressional races in California, and in helping local candidates run for local offices. 


Joan Wright 

Preferred Contact Information: 

Department: Human & Community Development    

School/College: UC-Davis, CALS

Activities over the last two years (2021—2022): I grow and sell cut flowers, am active in the local Extension Master Gardeners, and am also active in the local Farmers  Market Association.