Program and Agenda Committee


  • Gibbe Parsons, Co-chair
  • Ted Dejong, Co-Chair


The primary function of the Program Committee is to arrange for a program of speakers and other suitable presentations for the enlightenment and/or the entertainment of members. 

  Specific Program Committee duties include:

  • Identifying and scheduling speakers and other similar presentations on a monthly basis to coincide with the meetings of the Board of Directors. Traditionally, the December program has been a performance of the Davis High School Madrigal Choir and the committee is encouraged to continue this performance, if possible. Other programs of this sort might also merit consideration.
  • Identifying and scheduling speakers for the fall and winter meetings of the Retirees’ Association and other presentations.
  • Ensuring that information on the above programs is distributed to UCDEA and the UCDRA memberships.
  • Assisting in arranging for any technical support (e.g., audio-visual equipment, etc.) that may be needed for a given presentation.
  • Arranging for one or more committee members to serve as host for the presenter(s) on the day of their presentation and make the necessary introductions.
  • Arranging for coffee and tea for the attendees at the noon luncheons.

Committee Composition

This is a joint committee. It should be comprised of a minimum of six members, three each chosen from the Emeriti Association and the Retirees’ Association.

Annual Committee Report:

  • Summary of the Committee’s activities
  • Recommendations and suggestions for future committees

Annual Reports