UC Davis Distinguished Emeritus/a Professor Award

The UC Davis Distinguished Emeritus/a Award honors outstanding scholarly work or service (e.g., service in professional, university, Academic Senate, emeriti/ae, departmental, editorial posts or committees) performed since retirement by a UC Davis emeritus/a. The award is administered by the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA).

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Professor Emerita Linda Morris awarded 2020 UC Davis Distinguished Professor Emerita Award

Professor Emerita Linda Morris, Department of English, has had a very prolific and well recognized productive period in her retirement. She was recently recognized with the Olivia Clemens Award from the Mark Twain Circle of America and the lifetime achievement award, (the Charlie) from the American Humor Society. Most prominent among her scholarly work in retirement is her groundbreaking work: “Gender Play in Mark Twain: Cross-Dressing and Transgression,” published by University of Missouri Press. In addition she has given numerous presentations and other well received publications. Her references speak highly of the importance of her work. We are honored by the recognition she brings to UC Davis in her retirement.

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