Past Awards


  • Anna Maria Busse Berger, PhD: Between Orality and Literacy: Music in the Moravian Missions, 1732-1950
  • Ann Savageau, MFA: Guardians: the Jump Start of A Traveling Exhibition     
  • Leslie Woods, DVM, PhD: Exposure of the Channel Island foxes (Urocyon littoralis) to Organochlorine Contaminants in Ocean Food Web and Association with Health Factors Affecting Island Fox Populations


  • Howard Ferris, PhD.: Continued Development and Maintenance of Nemaplex: an online source of information on the biology, ecology, and management of plant and soil nematodes.
  • Fredric Gorin, MD: Mechanisms by which Peripheral Inflammation Drives Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Halifu Osumare, PhD.: The Personal Is Political Dancing in Blackness II: From Hula to Hip-hop in the Afrofuture


  • Suad Joseph, Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies: "Gendered and Cultural Framework for Refugee Mental Health: The Arab Crisis"
  • Robert "Bob" Rucker, Nutrition: "Pyrroloquinoline quinone: Additional studies related to its physiological importance"


  •  Gyöngy Laky, Art: "Preparing for the Unexpected: The Life and Art of Gyöngy Laky"


  • Caroline Chantry, Pediatrics: “Strengthening Babies Through Mobile Health”
  • Anthony Philipps, School of Medicine: “Pediatric Heart Disease Training in Haiti”


  • Peter Hays: "Subsidization of Publication of Reading The Old Man and the Sea"
  • Martha Macri: "Investigating the Origins and Cultural Evolution of Human Communication Systems: Comparing Two Early Scripts from Mexico and Central America"
  • Frederic Troy: "Chain Length of Polysialic Acid Chains on Adult Neural Stem Cells from Spiral Ganglion Neurons"


  • 2016-2017 WinnersBrian Higgins: "Production of an Interactive/Multimedia iBook for UC Davis Undergraduate Class in Chemical Engineering"
  • Gerald Kost: "Preparedness for Highly Infectious Threats (Ebola virus disease, MERS-CoV, others): Environmental Robustness of Point-of-Care (POC) WBC and Differential Counts Used in Early Detection"
  • Bruce Lyeth: "Importance of Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase (GOT-1) Serum Levels in TBI"


  • Roy Bellhorn: "Vascular permeability of the snake's spectacle during ecdysis"
  • Nicole Woolsey Biggart: "Energy: How energy organizes social life"
  • John Meeks: "Microscopic documentation of protein localization and motility behavior in filaments of the symbiotic cyanobacterium N. punctiforme"
  • Dennis Wilson: "Translational application of quantitative digital microscopy to patients in veterinary medicine"


  • Dan Anderson: "Age and Cranial-Ossification/Bone Density Characteristics in Brown Pelicans: Potential Applications for Demographic and Nutritional Analyses"
  • Hugh Dingle: "Monarchs in the Pacific: Is Contemporary Evolution Occurring on an Isolated Island?"
  • Martha Macri: "Cultural Evolution of Human Communication Systems: Investigating Linguistic Diversity and Social Change with Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing"
  • Peter Schiffman: "Support for Joint Undergraduate/Graduate Studies on Assessing the Geothermal Potential of the Modoc Plateau in Northeast California"


  • 2013-2014 WinnersWilliam Jackson, Chemistry: "The Study of VUV Photochemistry on N2 and CO using Seeded Molecular Beams in He"
  • Bill Lasley, School of Medicine: "Determining the Role of Circulating Progesterone to Increase Negative Mood"
  • James Murphy, English: "To Complete a Book Now in Progress, titled ‘The Gentlemen’s Rhetoric of Obediah Walker, 1616-1699’"
  • Cal Qualset, Plant Sciences: "Diversity Analyses of Landrace Ropulations of Wheat from Turkey and Iran and Maize from Mexico"


  • George Bruening: "Exploring Plant Pathways in the Recognition of Virus Invasion"
  • Robert Rucker: "The Chemical Properties of a Novel Dietary Biofactor: Pyrroloquinoline Quinone"
  • James Seiber: "Reducing the Risk from Toxic Compounds in Foods"
  • Yin Yeh: "Initiating Research toward Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease"


  • Peter Hays: "Continued Research on Hemingway"
  • Don Price: "Song Jiaoren and China's Political Culture"
  • Kurt Kreith: "Mathematics, Technology, and the Secondary School Curriculum"
  • Charles Halsted: "The Epigenetic Regulation of Development Alcoholic Liver Disease"


  • 2010-2011 WinnersRobert Derlet and Charles Goldman: “Analysis of Microbial and Planktonic Communities in Small Sierra Nevada Lakes and Streams”
  • Karen M. Reiser: "Diagnosis of Skin Cancer Using Second Harmonic Generation Imaging: Ancillary Data”
  • Robbin W. Thorp: “Franklin’s Bumble Bee, Bombus franklini (Frison): Research Needed on this Species of Special Concerns”


  • Emmanuel Epstein: "Silicon in Biomass for Energy"


  • Verne Mendel: "Centennial Video History Project"


  • Richard Walters: "Workshop series on teaching, learning, and technology"