Fundraising Committee


Emeriti Association:

  • Bob Flocchini, Chair
  • W. David Wilson
  • Judith Kjelstrom

Retirees' Association:

  • Emily Galindo
  • Narriman Shahrokh
  • Dianne Gregory


As a joint committee of the UCDEA and UCDRA, the primary purpose of this committee is to raise funds for purposes designated by the Executive Boards of the UCDEA and UCDRA. 

  • It is composed of members of both the UCDEA and the UCDRA.
  • It works closely with UC Davis Development Office and its campaigns.
  • It focuses its fundraising on UC Davis emeriti and retirees.

Committee Report

       Under the leadership of Suad Joseph, UCDEA in partnership with UCDRA launched their third annual fund-raising campaign in 2022-23 to support UCD Aggie Compass, a program supports students experiencing housing insecurity, in conjunction with the annual UCD Give Day which is in April of each year. The first year of the campaign, for 2020-2021 academic year, we raised just over $12,000, starting in January of 2021. The second year of the campaign, for 2021-2022, we raised around $24,000, doubling what we had raised the first year - overwhelmingly these funds, for both years, came for the EA/RA Executive Committees. In 2022-23, 110 emeriti donated to the drive (we have a UCDEA membership of ~400 emeriti). For the 2022-2023, the joint Fund-Raising Committee made a 5-year commitment to support Aggie Compass. We raised $48,908, ($17,175 – from UCDEA and RA Executive Committees and the Fund-Raising Committee, alone). We have each year, doubled the amount raised from the previous year. For 2023-24, Robert Flocchini, UCDEA Vice President will chair this committee.

Link to campaign: Click Here