Communications and Outreach Committee


  • Klea Bertakis, Chair
  • Suad Joseph, ex-officio
  • John Vohs
  • William Hagen
  • James Boggan


The primary mission of the Committee on Communication is to promote effective communication with the members of the UCDEA and with emeriti who are prospective members.  Additional committee duties include monitoring and advising on the public communication activities of the UCDEA.  

Specific duties

  • Advise and participate in determining communication priorities and policies.
  • Monitor publications, websites and other communication efforts.
  • Advise and, where feasible, assist on management of websites.
  • Collaborate as appropriate with the UC Davis Retiree Association’s communication efforts.
  • Meet quarterly (or more often as needed) to review communication practices.

Committee composition

The committee should have a minimum of two members from the UCDEA, but a larger membership is encouraged if/when there is sufficient interest in participation. 

Annual report

The committee is expected to submit a one-page annual report to the Executive Committee in June of each year.  The report should include

  1. a roster of its members,
  2. a summary of committee activities, and
  3. any recommendations for future actions.