Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

The UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) is governed by an executive committee consisting of officers, at-large members, committee chairs, and ex-officio members. Members are encouraged to take an active role in the association by serving on a committee or running for a position on the executive board.

The UCDEA board is guided by its bylaws.

Executive Officers

  • President: MRC Greenwood
  • Vice-President, President-elect: Suad Joseph
  • Secretary: Bob Flocchini
  • Treasurer: Roy Curry
  • Archivist: Don Price
  • Immediate Past President: Barry Klein

At-Large Members

  • W. David Wilson 
  • Dorothy Gietzen

Standing Committees

Ex-officio Members

  • Member-at-Large, UC Davis Retirees' Association (UCDRA): Vacant
  • Director, UC Davis Retiree Center: Juliane Crowley

UCDEA Representatives to the Council of UC Emeriti Associations (CUCEA)

  • MRC Greenwood, UCDEA president
  • Suad Joseph, UCDEA Vice President (Alternate)

UCDEA Representative to the UC Davis Retirees' Association (UCDRA)

  • Suad Joseph, UCDEA Vice President

Past Presidents

Past presidents of the UCDEA serve as ex-officio members of the current committee.

  • Barry Klein 2019-2021
  • *Tom Sallee; 2018-2019
  • Jo Anne Boorkman; 2016-2018
  • *Lyn Lofland; 2014-2016
  • John Vohs; 2012-2014
  • Bill Rains; 2010-2012
  • Alex McCalla; 2008-2010
  • Dick Walters; 2006-2008
  • *Charley Hess; 2004-2006
  • *Ed Constantini; 2002-2004
  • *Paul Stumpf; 2000-2002
  • *Orville Thompson; 1998-2000
  • *John  Whitaker; 1996-1998
  • *Verne Mendel; 1994-1996
  • *C.C. Delwiche; 1992-1994
  • *Richard Cramer; 1990-1992
  • *Paul Stumpf; 1989-1990

* denotes deceased