Membership Committee


  • Warren Pickett, Co-Chair
  • W. David Wilson, Co-Chair


The Membership Committee is charged with promoting and maintaining membership in the UCDEA. Specific committee duties include:

  • Contacting new retirees who qualify for membership and encouraging them to become active members in the UCDEA
  • Maintaining up-to-date records of individuals who are active members and those who are eligible
  • Notifying those individuals who have annual memberships that are expiring to renew their membership
  • Staying in contact with other UC emeriti associations.


Committee Report

Under the leadership of Warren Picket and Lars Berglund, the committee worked closely with the UCD Retiree Center to develop information, welcome to new retirees, and represent the UCDEA at the Fall meeting for new retirees. In an on-going basis, the committee sends personalized welcome letters to all emeriti who join the association as well as useful information. They maintain up-to-date records of active members and those eligible for membership. They are actively exploring formation of unit/college/school based “chapters” of UCDEA, each with a liaison or representative, so that all emeriti have a designated representative to the UCDEA. The goal of creating more effective and mutually beneficial interaction between emeriti, current faculty and administration, alumni, and donors.