Video Records Committee


  • Alan Jackman, Co-chair
  • Wendy Silk, Co-chair

Committee Objectives

The primary objective of the Video Records Committee is to record for posterity, interviews of emeriti and distinguished retired members of the UC Davis community, thus providing a historical record of the individual’s career particularly as it relates to the history of the campus and its academic units.

The committee's activities include:

  • Identifying and contacting individuals as they retire to enlist them for an interview;
  • Scheduling and recording their interviews;
  • Revisiting those who earlier did not record interviews with the objective of as complete a coverage of Emeriti and distinguished Retirees as is possible;
  • Producing, distributing, archiving their interviews in various appropriate video formats.and managing records of these archives;
  • Maintaining and managing the video facilities and equipment.

Committee composition

The Committee shall consist of either a Chair or Co-chairs and an unspecified number of committee members as determined by the Chair/Co-chairs. It serves the mission of this Committee to have a large number of members who can provide a broad range of contacts across the campus community and from the many academic units on the campus. It is broken up into two subcommittees.

The larger committee is responsible for working with departments, schools and other academic units to identify and enlist interviewees.

A smaller subcommittee is responsible for the operations of the video studio and producing video media suitable for distributing and archiving the recorded interviews.

Annual committee report

  • A brief account of the committee's activities during the year including the number of interviews conducted.
  • Recommendations and suggestions for future committees.


Annual Reports