President's Page

Fall 2021

Dear Fellow Emeriti, 

Welcome to the new academic year. 

As we all know the last two years have been full of challenges. The COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in constantly moving guidance for us all. However, your UCDEA has worked hard to help the campus in many ways and there is much to be proud of.

At the campus level, the complicated planning to help our students, faculty and staff has provided new ways to communicate, test for the virus, to assess behavior and to make our campus ready for full on campus opening. Many universities have not been so successful.

UCDEA strives to service our members and the campus’ students and the university leadership in many ways. For example, while we were not able to do on campus events, we have had the fortunate enthusiastic help of campus faculty and emeriti to provide “BrainFood talks”. Thanks to the talented staff at the Retiree Center, we were able transition to an online presentation format. This has proven to be very successful. Our BrainFood talks were well received on Zoom by over one thousand folks since the transition to Zoom. An upside of this zooming is that many emeriti/ae that cannot access the campus or who now reside elsewhere have been able to access this intellectually stimulating offering. Some of these individuals have been out of touch and were very grateful to reconnect.

This year the UCDEA and UCDRA committed to providing financial help to our struggling students both undergraduates and graduate students.  We joined together for “give day“ and on a short timeline raised $12,500 for food need relief. More on this effort in my next newsletter.

Next week is the new retirees annual event, a time to get information on university policies, health care changes and to get guidance on many issues related to retirement joys and challenges. Please come! We will be happy to welcome you.

The UCDEA wants you to join us as we work to represent retired faculty and staff and to continue to encourage this excellent institution. Please join our membership, which serves many useful purposes to help retirees. Membership applications will be available at the fall retirees membership table or you may complete the application online:

Emeriti Association membership

Warmest regards,

MRC Greenwood

President, UC Davis Emeriti Association