UCDEA 2020 Slate of Officiers


UCDEA Spring Business Meeting Notice


The annual membership meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 10 a.m., via Zoom. Please register to be sent further details. Please let this letter serve as the official notice of the meeting.


UC Davis Emeriti Association

Spring Membership and Business Meeting

May 14, 2020

10 – 11:30 a.m.

Meeting will be held via Zoom; 

Link and details will be sent to registered attendees 1 week prior to meeting



Who Knew? Mark Twain's Joan of Arc

This talk will consider how Mark Twain, author of beloved American classic novels, came to write a novel about the historical figure Joan of Arc. It will show some of his deep affection for Joan of Arc, and his personal outrage at the way she was treated during her trial and imprisonment. 

Following Dr. Morris' presentation each association will hold a brief business meeting, see information below.

Dr. Linda Morris is the winner of the 2020 UC Davis Distinguished Emerita Professorship Award. Retiring from the Department of English in 2005, Dr. Morris has continued her scholarly work and brings great honor to UC Davis for this and her active contributions to her local community.


The following business items are presented for your consideration:

A. Slate of Nominees for 2020 Annual Meeting:

  • President – Barry Klein
  • Vice President – MRC Greenwood*
  • Secretary – Bob Flocchini
  • Treasurer – Roy Curry*
  • Archivist – Buzz Haughton
  • Member-at-Large (2019-2021) Maureen Stanton, Bio Sci*
  • Member-at-Large (2020-2022) Suad Joseph, L&S*
  • Member-at-Large (2020-2022) David Wilson, SVM*

* Denotes slate to be voted upon.

The Committee on Committees also recommends that the President appoint the following members to chair the standing committees:

  • Awards and Recognition – Barbara Horwitz and Judith Kjelstrom, non-senate Emeritae
  • Committee on Committees – Jan Hopmans
  • Emeriti Welfare – Ted DeJong and Tom Rost
  • Program and Agenda – Gibbe Parsons
  • Membership – John Vohs
  • Communications –Bob Rucker and Gail Yokote
  • Video Records - Alan Jackman and Wendy Silk

Respectively Submitted,

Jan Hopmans and Alan Jackman
Co-chairs and sole members of the committee