Retiree Health Benefits Working Group: Interim Summary released

The UC Office of the President has just released a compilation of background materials that have been reviewed by the Retiree Health Benefits Working Group over the last many weeks. This “Interim Summary” is in response to requests that information be provided that can be shared more broadly. John Meyer of UC Davis, the Retiree representative will be reviewing this deck along with Emeriti representative to the Work Group, Roger Anderson, to determine if clarifications are required. However, we thought it most important to distribute this information as soon as possible given the limited timeline for this project. 

Interim Summary

Please note that this is background material only. The committee will begin to discuss alternatives that should be considered beginning in early May. While this information illustrates scenarios related to certain actions, there has yet to be discussion by Work Group members of alternatives that would best serve retirees and the university.

Remember that an email account has been set up for those wishing to submit comments: