2019 Association Initiatives

Dear Colleagues,

Our Emeriti Association needs your wisdom and assistance in implementing two new initiatives.  

Since the founding of the Association over 25 years ago many efforts have focused on building a stronger and more beneficial relationship between emeriti and the University—dealing with topics like emeritae parking and health care contributions, for instance.  What has become clear is that there are other issues that many of us will face for which we could use assistance. Most of these issues are related to our advancing age (health problems, death of a spouse, or …).  Others are more specifically related to the academic life and the role emeritae can play (are there people or organizations who could use my particular skills now?).  What we need is a central portal for good sources of information to help us deal with these and other issues.  

We will start with two work groups to help define the problems/issues and propose actions.  Both working groups will be joint efforts with the Retiree Association as many of the issues are common to all of us.  In general these are the first two goals.  

  1. Develop a resource guide to assist us navigate the challenging times that are common as we age.  The Retiree Center has a helpful publication on what to do about the death of a spouse but other areas such as (home) downsizing, support groups or home nursing could be addressed.
  2. Develop improved ways to publicize available social activities for retirees and look for ways to expand the offerings.  Many opportunities exist such as book groups, gardening, wine appreciation, cooking, and mahjong, but few people (including me) know enough about them.  

My personal view is that each of these initiatives would provide a worthwhile outcome if people can help develop and implement them.  The working groups are the next steps to developing these initiatives and others that may evolve.  
If you would be interested in serving on one of these groups, please let me know at either the email address or the telephone number below.  Meetings will start soon early in 2019.

Many thanks for your help


Tom Sallee
President, UC Davis Emeriti Association