• Retiree Resource Day; the perfect opportunity to come back to campus.

  • At the Chancellor's Emeriti and Academic Retirees Luncheon

  • DHS Madrigals at the UCDEA/UCDRA Holiday Luncheon

  • Celebrity chefs at the Retiree Fall Fest

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Who we are

Established in 1989, the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) was formed to provide retired academics of UC Davis/UCDHS or other UC campuses living in the Davis/Sacramento area with opportunities for continuing interest in and support for the excellence of the University of California, Davis. Through its advocacy, the UCDEA has been instrumental in maintaining free parking permits, compus identification cards and library privileges for emeriti, thus assuring a continued welcome to stay engaged in the campus community.

What we do

The UCDEA represents UC Davis emeriti/ae and provides the following services and programs for its members:

  • Monitors and advocates for emeriti rights and privileges
  • Provides a way for emeriti/ae to communicate with campus leaders and further particiapte in campus life
  • Sponsors and plans activities
  • Provides an historical perspective of the Davis campus through the Video Records Program
  • Recognizes emeriti/ae with annual awards
  • Supports the UC Davis Retiree Center

25 years of Advocacy, Awards and Activities

A brief look at the work of the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) and UC Davis Retirees' Association (UCDRA) over the past 25 years.

UC Davis Emeriti/ae Faculty Handbook

Emeriti/ae professors enjoy a variety of benefits and privleges in retirement as described in the UC Davis Emeriti/ae Handbook.

UC Davis Emeriti In The News

09/02/2015; According to Dr. Niels Pedersen, professor emeritus at UC Davis, Veterninary School, research may soon lead to treatment for cats with FIP. Chicago Tribune Online

08/24/2015; R. Paul Singh, a UC Davis professor emeritus who has held dual appointments in the Food Science and Technology and Biological and Agricultural Engineering departments, has been named a 2015 World Agriculture Prize Laureate. Sacramento Bee

08/07/2015; Fitz-Roy Curry, distinguished professor emeritus of physiology and membrane biology and biomedical engineering at UC Davis, has been named the recipient of the Nishimaru-Tsuchiya International Award for 2015 by the Japanese Society for Microcirculation. UCDHS newsroom

07/20/2015; When it comes to "If You Think You Understand the Death of the Dinosaurs, You're Wrong," geologist Eldridge Moores, a distinguished professor emeritus says it's like a detective trying to figure out someone's exact time of death. KQED-FM Online