• Retiree Resource Day; the perfect opportunity to come back to campus.

  • Emeriti welcome new faculty retirees at the annual New Retirees Reception

  • Emeriti Bill Breidenbach and Alan Jackman catch up from summer activities prior to the Fall Retiree Meeting

  • Emeriti Ben and Lynette Hart socialize with Dick McCapes at the Retiree Fall Fest

Who we are

Established in 1989, the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) was formed to provide retired academics of UC Davis/UCDHS or other UC campuses living in the Davis/Sacramento area with opportunities for continuing interest in and support for the excellence of the University of California, Davis. Through its advocacy, the UCDEA has been instrumental in maintaining free parking permits, compus identification cards and library privileges for emeriti, thus assuring a continued welcome to stay engaged in the campus community.

What we do

The UCDEA represents UC Davis emeriti/ae and provides the following services and programs for its members:

  • Monitors and advocates for emeriti rights and privileges
  • Provides a way for emeriti/ae to communicate with campus leaders and further particiapte in campus life
  • Sponsors and plans activities
  • Provides an historical perspective of the Davis campus through the Video Records Program
  • Recognizes emeriti/ae with annual awards
  • Supports the UC Davis Retiree Center

25 years of Advocacy, Awards and Activities

A brief look at the work of the UC Davis Emeriti Association (UCDEA) and UC Davis Retirees' Association (UCDRA) over the past 25 years.

UC Davis Emeriti/ae Faculty Handbook

Emeriti/ae professors enjoy a variety of benefits and privleges in retirement as described in the UC Davis Emeriti/ae Handbook.

Current Events

button to read the UCDEA report to CUCEA, Spring 2017
link to 2016 survey of emeriti activity

UC Davis Emeriti In The News

Dean Keith Simonton quoted in National Geographic Online; 5/12/2017

Dean Keith Simonton, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Davis and a longtime scholar of genius, is quoted in National Geographic Online in a story titled, "What Inspires Creativity? 6 Tips That Might Spark Yours." Read the full article.

Roy De Forest's work featured in Oakland Museum of California; 5/3/2017

Recently, a remarkable KQED write up featured the work of beloved Davis Emeriti, Roy De Forest, who died in 2007. De Forest's work is currently on display at the Oakland Museum of Art, through August 20th. In her article, Sarah Hotchkiss describes De Forest's work as "whimsical. Delightful. Charming, yet penetrating, intense, and full of meaning." Of Dogs and Other People captures that spirit by refusing the aesthetics of boredom that dominate many museum retrospective in favor of a joyous celebration of De Forest's immense creative output. Read the full article by Sarah Hotchkiss here.

Ted DeJong helps create "ladderless" orchards; 5/3/2017

Ted DeJong, Professor Emeritus in Plant Physiology, has helped develop "semi-dwarfing rootstock" to create "ladderless" orchards, with the goal of reducing the amount of time laborers spend moving and repositioning ladders. Read more about the accomplishment here.