List of Video Records Interviews

Since 1993, the UCDEA Video Records Project has been creating an oral history of the UC Davis campus by recording interviews of emeriti/ae as well as others who have made significant contributions to the development of the university.

Using your web browser "Find" function, you may search by name or department to find the Episode number. Videos are availabe for viewing in the Special Collections department of Shields Library. As they become available, links to view the videos on our YouTube channel will be added to this list.

Last Name



Stebbins, G. Ledyard Genetics 1
Phaff, Herman J. Food Science 2
Rick, Charles M. Vegetable Crops 3
Green, Melvin M. Molecular and Cellular Biology 4
Swift, Richard G. Music 5
Blanchard, J. Richard Library 6
Shideler, James H. History 6
Harris, Richard Environmental Horticulture 7
Hungate, Robert E. Microbiology 8
Wright, Celeste T. English 9
Andrews, Lawrence J. Chemistry 10
Rosen, Jerome W. Music 11
Conn/Stumpf, Eric/Paul 12
Delwiche, Constant C. Soils and Plant Nutrition 13
Stumpf, Paul K. Biochemistry and Biophysics 14
Barrett, Jr., Edward L. School of Law 15
Conn, Eric E. Biochemistry and Biophysics 16
Cello, Robert M. Veterinary Medicine 17
Gable, Richard W. Political Science 18
Axelrod, Daniel I. Botany, Geology 19
Amerine, Maynard A. Viticulture & Enology 20
Murphy, James J. Rhetoric 21
Alder, Henry L. Mathematics 22
Volman, David H. Chemistry 23
Sassenrath, Ethel Behavioral Biology 24
Kohl, Harry C. Environmental Horticulture 25
Jungerman, John A. Physics 26
Crowley, Daniel J. Art, Anthropology 27
Shank, Theodore Theater 28
Smith, F. Wilson History 29
Cramer, Richard D. Home Economics, Art 30
Schwabe, Calvin W. Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine 31
Weir, William C. Animal Science 32
Glassburner, J. Bruce Economics 33
Gable, Richard W. Political Science 34
Carter, Everett English 35
Mayhew, Leon H. Sociology 36
Allen, Thomas L. Chemistry 37
Nash, Charles P. Chemistry 38
Stein, Sherman K. Mathematics 39
Goldman, Shirley A. Mathematics 40
Meyer, James H. Animal Science 41
Ingraham, John L. Viticulture and Enology, Bacteriology 42
Learn, Elmer Agricultural Economics 43
Marr, Allen G. Bacteriology 44
Small, Arthur C. Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance 45
Hawkes, Glenn R. Applied Behavioral Sciences 46
Tupin, Joe P. Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 47
Chaykin, Sterling Biochemistry and Biophysics 48
Thompson, Orville E. Applied Behavioral Sciences 49
Rudd, Robert L. Zoology 50
Wallacker, Benjamin E. Chinese 51
Hoermann, Roland W. German 52
Salt, George W. Zoology 53
Lange, Harry W. Entomology 54
Freedland, Richard A. Molecular Biosciences 55
Jackson, Turrentine History 56
Peek, Neal Physics 57
Cahill, Thomas Physics 58
Krebs, Edwin& Biochemistry 59
Lemert, Edwin M. Sociology 60
Bohart, Richard O. Entomology 61
DeVay, James E. Plant Pathology 62
Dykstra, Daniel J. Law School 63
Talley, Wilson K. Applied Science 64
Bringhurst, Royce S. Pomology 65
Bacon, Oscar G. Entomology 66
Laidlaw, Harry Entomology 67
Kerr, Clark Chancellor of UC Berkeley, President of the University of California 68
Skinner, Maynard C. Student Affairs 69
Mendel, Verne E. Animal Science, Animal Physiology 70
Lang, Norma J. Botany 71
Erickson, Glen W. Physics 72
Castelfranco, Paul A. Botany 73
Crummey, Robert O. History 74
Costantini, Edmond Political Science 75
Pratt, Harlan K. Vegetable Crops 76
Yang, Shang-fa Vegetable Crops 77
Epstein, Emanuel Land, Air, and Water Resources 78
Tupper, C. John Community Medicine and International Health 79
McCorkle, Chester O. Agricultural Economics 80
Mason, William A. Psychology, Primate Center 81
Hess, Charles E. Environmental Horticulture 82
Smith, Arthur H. Avian Science 83
Rothstein, Morton History 84
Feeney, Robert E. Food Science and Technology 85
Lotter, Will Physical Education 86
Jacobson, David L. History 87
Olmo, Harold P. Viticulture and Enology 88
Miller, Milton A. Zoology 89
Gary, Norman E. Entomology 90
Tucker, John M. Botany 91
Meyer, Margaret E. Veterinary Public Health 92
Abbott, Ursula K. Avian Sciences 93
York, Ruth B. French 94
Pritchard, William R. Veterinary Medicine 95
Watt, Kenneth E. F. Zoology, Environmental Studies 96
Bowsky, William M. History 97
McCalla, Alex F. Ag & Resource Economics, GSM 98
Crampton, Beecher Agronomy & Range Science 99
Crosby, Donald G. Agricultural Toxicology 100
Allard, Robert Agronomy & Range Science, Genetics 101
Sachs, Roy M. Environmental Horticulture 102
Poppino, Rollie E. History 103
Webb, A. Dinsmoor Viticulture and Enology 104
Garrett, Roger J. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 105
Raski, Dewey J. Entomology and Nematology 106
Sherwood, Morgan B. History 107
Dorf, Richard C. Graduate School of Management 108
Marler, Peter R. Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior 109
Fujimoto, Isao Asian American Studies 110
English, Harley W. Plant Pathology 111
Fowler, Murray E. School of Veterinary Medicine 112
Kemper, John D. College of Engineering 113
Krone, Ray B. Civil Engineering 114
Webster, Grady L. Botany, Director of the Arboretum 115
Rhode, Edward A. School of Veterinary Medicine 116
Tuma, Elias H. Economics 117
Goldman, Charles R. Environmental Sciences 118
Bolt, Robert J. Medicine 119
Bradford, G. Eric Animal Science 120
Huntington, Gordon L. Land, Air, and Water Resources 121
Black, Arthur L. Biochemistry 122
Rappaport, Lawrence Vegetable Crops, Plant Growth Laboratory 123
Goss, John R. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 124
Pearl, Robert C. Food Science and Technology 125
Whitaker, John Food Science and Technology 126
Kratzer, Howard Avian Science, Animal Science 127
Romani, Roger Pomology 128
Maggenti, Armand R. Nematology 129
Colvin, Harry W. Animal Science 130
Minnis, Douglas L. Education 131
Sassenrath, Julius Education 132
Judson, Charles Entomology 133
Lewis, Michael Food Science and Technology 134
Tappel, ALoys L. Food Science and Technology 135
Wilson, Wilbur O. Avian Sciences 136
Walker, Harry O. Land, Air, and Water Resources 137
Schroeder, Edward D. Engineering 138
Romstad, Karl M. Civil and Environmental Engineering 139
Washino, Robert K. Entomology 140
Fridley, Robert B. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 141
Ryan, E. Dean Physical Education 142
Williams, Hibbard E. Internal Medicine 143
Low, Donald G. Veterinary Medicine 144
Hagan, Robert M. Land, Air, and Water Resources 145
Kreissman, Bern Library 146
Downie, Robert S. 147
Murphy, James J. English 148
Steward, Margaret S. Psychiatry 149
Lorenz, Fredrick W. Plant Pathology 150
McCoy, William F. Librarian 151
Singleton, Vernon L. Viticulture and Enology 152
Goldman, Marvin Veterinary Medicine 153
Sims, William L. Vegetable Crops 154
Lyons, James M. Plant Sciences 155
Soohoo, Ronald F. Electrical and Computer Engineering 156
Hunter, Robert L. Medicine, Human Anatomy 157
Kennedy, Peter C. Veterinary Medicine 158
Howard, Walter E."Howdy" Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology 159
Welch, Marya Physical Education 160
Kunkee, Ralph E. Viticulture and Enology 161
Werner, Emmy E. Human Ecology 162
Hildebrand, Milton Evolution and Ecology 163
Cordy, Donald R. Pathology 164
Zeronian, S. Haig Textile and Clothing 165
Mawdsley, Katherine F. Library 166
Dunkley, Walter L. Food Science and Technology 167
Tanji, Kenneth J. Land, Air, and Water Resources 168
Micke, Warren C. Plant Sciences 169
Morris, Leonard L. Vegetable Crops 170
Heusner, Alfred A. Veterinary Medicine 171
Sochor, James L. Physical Education 172
Osebold, John W. Veterinary Medicine 173
Laben, Robert C. Animal Science 174
Chancellor, William J. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 175
Parker, Harold R. Physiology 176
Grigarick, Albert A. Entomology 177
Akesson, Norman B. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 178
Hoffman, Michael J. English 179
Leighton, Robert L. Veterinary Medicine 180
Pruitt, William O. Law School 181
Kester, Dale E. Pomology 182
Ryugo, Kay Plant Sciences 183
Brody, David History 184
Bonner, Bruce A. Botany 185
Biberstein, Ernst L. Veterinary Medicine 186
Mathews, Robert A. Geology 187
Ashton, Floyd M. Botany 188
Henderson, S. Milton Biological and Agricultural Engineering 189
Breidenbach, R. W. Agronomy & Range Science 190
Baldwin, R. Lee Animal Science 191
Marble, Vern L. Agronomy and Range Science 192
Bath, Donald L. Animal Science 193
Dobie, John B. Agricultural Engineering 194
Wegge, Leon L. Economics 195
Eldridge, Bruce Entomology 196
Burton, Vern Entomology 197
Thorp, Robbin W. Entomology 198
Schutz, Howard G. Food Science and Technology 199
Vohs, John L. Communication 200
Yates, Wesley E. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 201
Swain, Donald History 202
York, George K. Food Science and Technology 203
Miller, Martin W. Food Science and Technology 204
Fowler, William M. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 205
Enders, Allen C. Cell Biology and Human Anatomy 206
Wolfman, Earl F. Surgery 207
Hayden, John O. English 208
Kurowski, Gary J. Mathematics 209
Mircetich, John S.N. Plant Pathology 210
Stowell, Robert E. Pathology 211
Risling, David Native American Studies 212
Fetzer, John F. German 213
Wong, Ming M. Parasitology 214
Butler, Edward E. Plant Pathology 215
Kaneko, Jiro "Jerry" Veterinary Medicine 216
Bossart, William H. Philosophy 217
Pomeroy, Ralph S. Communication 218
Palmer, Phillip E.S. Radiology 219
Wiggins, Alvin D. Statistics 220
Higgins, Charles G. Earth and Planetary Sciences 221
Tchobanolglous, George Engineering 222
Bond, Theodore E. Biological and Agricultural Engineering 223
Wheat, J. Don Veterinary Medicine 224
Mitchell, F. Gordon Pomology 225
Bernauer, Edmund M. Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior 226
Eisele, John H. Anesthesiology 227
Rabin, Edward H. Law School 228
Walters, Richard F. Computer Sciences 229
MacKenzie, Malcolm R. Medical Oncology 230
Grey, Robert D. Medical Center, Executive Vice Chancellor 231
Willis, T. Roy History 232
Tyler, Walter S. Veterinary Medicine 233
Riemann, Hans P. Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine 234
Lacy, Charles A. University Extension 235
Reisenauer, H. Michael Land, Air, and Water Resources 236
Hakimi, S. Louis Computer science 237
McKinney, Charles L. Student Health Center 238
Meagher, Dennis M. Equine surgery 239
Rosenwald, Arnold "Rosie" Veterinary Medicine 240
Thomson, Marcia H. 241
Moores, Eldridge M. Earth and Planetary Sciences 242
Suran, Jerome J. Graduate School of Management 243
Giedt, Warren H. Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 244
Ramos, David D. Pomology 245
Smith, Joe M. Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 246
Lewis, Ernest L. Urology 247
Fong, Mary H. Art and Art History 248
Algazi, Ralph Electrical and Computer Engineering 249
Hjerpe, Charles A. School of Veterinary Medicine 250
Gardner, Murray B. School of Veterinary Medicine 251
Gall, Graham A. E. Animal Science 252
Shen, C. K. Civil and Environmental Engineering 253
Bliss, Fredrick A. Plant Sciences 254
Noble, Ann C. Viticulture and Enology 255
Blacker, Kay H. School of Medicine 256
Sommer, Robert Psychology 257
Goldstein, Elliot School of Medicine 258
Olsen, Helge B. Environmental Design 259
Hufftaker, Ray C. Agronomy & Range Science 260
Ramey, Melvin R. Civil and Environmental Engineering 261
Johnston, Warren E. Ag & Resource Economics 262
Duniway, John M. Plant Pathology 263
Thayer, Robert L. Environmental Design 264
Stabb, Jo Ann C. Design 265
Martin, George C. Pomology 266
Renkin, Eugene M. School of Medicine 267
Gabor, Andrew J. School of Medicine 268
Chang, Robert S. School of Medicine 269
Friedman, Joel I. Philosophy 270
Hurley, Edward J. School of Medicine 271
Leiser, Andrew T. Landscape Horticulture; Environmental Horticulture 272
Bauer, Herbert Medicine 273
Kofranek, Anton M. Environmental Horticulture 274
French, Benjamin C. Ag & Resource Economics 275
Sosnick, Stephen S. Ag & Resource Economics 276
Fleischer, Manfred P. History 277
Carter, Harold O. Ag & Resource Economics 278
Smith, Joe M. Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 279
Theilen, Gordon H. School of Veterinary Medicine 280
Chakerian, G. Donald Mathematics 281
Carlson, Gary P. School of Veterinary Medicine 282
Benisek, William F. School of Medicine 283
Hackett, Bruce M. Sociology 284
Falk, Richard H. Plant Biology 285
Brzeski, Andrzej Economics 286
Rock, Peter A. Chemistry 287
Schmalenberger, Herbert A. Physical Education 288
Prout, Timothy Entomology and Nematology 289
Henderson, Jerald M. Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 290
Block, Robert S. Music 291
Hays, Peter L. English 292
Groth, Alexander J. Political Science 293
Ough, Cornelius Viticulture and Enology 294
Wells, Kenneth Plant Biology 295
Toreson, Wilfred E. School of Medicine 296
Webster, Robert K. Plant Pathology 297
Whitaker, Steven Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 298
Kado, Clarence I. Plant Pathology 299
Rochin, Refugio I. Chicana/Chicano Studies 300
Loomis, Robert S. Agronomy and Range Science 301
Lofland, Lyn H. Social Sciences 302
Harrison, Albert (Al) A. Psychology 303
Meredith, Carole Viticulture and Enology 304
Sammern, Fritz German and Russian 305
Bauer, Arnold History 306
Wall, Carol S. Anthropology, Student Affairs 307
Anderson, Gary Animal Science 308
Borges, Carlos Mathematics 309
Chason, Robert Health System 310
Crowe, John H. Molecular and Cellular Biology 311
Musker, W. Kenneth Chemistry 312
Sallee, G. Thomas Mathematics 313
Manoliu, Maria French and Italian, Linguistics 314
Hamilton, Janet Administrative and Resource Management 315
Rost, Thomas Botany 316
Gietzen, Dorothy Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology 317
Barnette, David Mathematics 318
Jackson, William M. Chemistry 319
Cramer, James C. Social Sciences 320
McCalla, Alex F. Graduate School of Management, Dean 321
Uyemoto, Jerry K. Plant Pathology 322
Clegg, James  The Bodega Marine laboratory 323
Hedrick, Jerry  Molecular and Cellular Biology 324
Larock, Bruce  Civil and Environmental Engineering 325
Parnas, Raymond  School of Law 326
Schwartz, Mortimer  School of Law 327
Grossman, George  School of Law 328
Zender, Karl F. English 329
West, Martha   S School of Law 330
Lakey, Gyongy  Design 331
Smiley, Robert H Graduate School of Management 332
Wolk, Bruce A School of Law 333
Kusch, Manfred  French and Italian 334
Kader, Adel H Plant Sciences 335
Grivette, Lewis E Nutrition 336
Barbour, Michael G Plant Sciences 337
Doi, Roy H Molecular and Cellular Biology 338
Garoyan, Leon  Agricultural and Resource Economics 339
Smith, Bradford P School of Veterinary Medicine 340
Mukherjee, Amiya K Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 341
Brantley, Cynthia L 342
Holdstock, Richard S Administrative Units: Finance, Operations and Administration, Safety Services 343
Dunning, Harrison  School of Law 344
Gibbs, Donald A. East Asian Studies 345
Robertson, David  English 346
Mann, Susan L History 347
Olmstead, Alan L Economics 348
Villarejo, Merna R Molecular and Cellular Biology 349
Rains, Bill  Agronomy and Range Science 350
Brantley, Cynthia L History 351
Traill, David A Classics 352
Macleod, Dianne s Art and Art History 353
Martucci, Virginia M Learning Center 354
Wheelis, Mark L Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 355
Yeh, Yin  Applied Sciences 356
Quiros, Carlos  Plant Sciences 357
 Flocchini, Robert  Land, Air, and Water Resources 358
Berman, David  359
Montoya, Malaquias  Chicana/Chicano Studies 360
Plant, Richard  Plant Sciences 361
Qualset, Calvin O  Plant Sciences 362
Jackman,  Alan  P Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 363
McCoy, Ben J Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 364
Bernd, Clifford A German and Russian 365
Craig, Paul P Applied Sciences 366
Hillyer, Ted   367
Clawson, James   Agronomy and Range Science 368
Geng, Shu   Agronomy and Range Science 369
Armistead, Samuel G Spanish and Portuguese 370
McConnell, Winder  German and Russian 371
Cannon, Jo Ann  French and Italian 372
Schleiner, Winfried  English 373
Hagen, William   History 374
McKillop, Allan A Agricultural Engineering; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 375
Skinner, JoAn  Education 376
Rutger, J. Neil Plant Sciences 377
Lauchli, Andre  Land, Air, and Water Resources 378
Murphy, Sandra  Education 379
Drost, Maarten  School of Veterinary Medicine 380
Dobris, Joel  School of Law 381
Ayer, John D.  School of Law 382
Nichols, Barbara  383
Murphy, Terry  Botany 384
Hsiao, Theodore  Land, Air, and Water Resources 385
Grieshop, James  Human Ecology 386
Reynoso, Cruz  School of Law 387
Sieber, James  Food Science and Technology 388
Robert Kerr; Robert Franks; Stan Nosek  Administration 389
Kerr, Robert Student Affairs 389
Franks, Robert Student Affairs 389
Nosek, Stan Student Affairs 389
Benson, Donald  Mathematics 390
Rucker, Robert  Nutrition 391
Loge, Frank   School of Medicine 392
Silva, Joseph  School of Medicine 393
Anderson, David  Library 394
Bruch, Carol  School of Law 395
Schneemen, Barbara   Nutrition 396
Shakelford, James   Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 397
Ford, Gary   Electrical and Computer Engineering 398
Metcalf, Barbara   History 399
Ghausi, Mohammed  Electrical and Computer Engineering 400
Elmore, Clyde  Botany 401
Holoman, D. Kern  Music 402
Curry, Fitz-Roy E School of Medicine 403
Osburn, Bennie  School of Veterinary Medicine 404
Cech, Joseph J Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology 405
MacDonald, James D Plant Pathology 406
Castro, Griselda  Student Affairs 407
Hart, Benjamin L School of Veterinary Medicine 408
Sandoval, Jon  Education 409
Munir, Zuhair  Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 410
Simmons, Daniel  School of Law 411
Ardans, Alex  School of Veterinary Medicine 412
Reid, Michael  Environmental Horticulture 413
Ko, Winston  Physics 414
Nevins, Donald J Vegetable Crops, Plant Science 415
Singer, Michael J Land Air and Water Resources 416
Poulos, John   School of Law 417
Dutton, Thomas B Administrative Units: Student Affairs 418
Silk, Wendy  Land Air and Water Resources 419
Marsh, Yvonne  Administrative Units: Student Affairs 420
Jolly, Desmond Agricultural and Resource Economics 435
Roberts, Warren Arboretum 436
Gulyassy, Paul Internal Medicine 437
Rolston, Dennis Land Air and Water Resources 442