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Roy De Forest's work featured in Oakland Museum of CaliforniaRecently, a remarkable KQED write up featured the work of beloved Davis Emeriti, Roy De Forest, who died in 2007. De Forest's work is currently on display at the Oakland Museum of Art, through August 20th. In her article, Sarah Hotchkiss describes De Forest's work as "whimsical. Delightful. Charming, yet penetrating, intense, and full of meaning." Of Dogs and Other People captures that spirit by refusing the aesthetics of boredom that dominate many museum retrospective in favor of a joyous celebration of De Forest's immense creative output. Read the full article by Sarah Hotchkiss here.

Ted DeJong helps create "ladderless" orchardsTed DeJong, Professor Emeritus in Plant Physiology, has helped develop "semi-dwarfing rootstock" to create "ladderless" orchards, with the goal of reducing the amount of time laborers spend moving and repositioning ladders. Read more about the accomplishment here.

Christine Bruhn recognized by Walmart: In November, Dr. Christine Bruhn was invited to Walmart's world-wide headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas to be a featured speaker on their "Emerging Issues" program. See Bruhn.

Cruz Reynoso, professor emeritus: op-ed, "Reagan, a statue and a ferocious battle for poor Californians." Sacramento Bee Online

Geologist Jeffrey Mount, founding director of UC Davis's Center for Watershed Sciences, is quoted in "The Bottom Drops Out: The Delta's Sinking Islands" KCET-TV Online

3/31/2015 UC Davis Dateline

The Association of Textile, Apparel and Materials Professionals recently presented its highest award, the Olney Medal, to S. Haig Zeronian, professor emeritus of textiles and clothing.

The Olney Medal, named after the association’s founder and first president, Louis Atwell Olney, recognizes outstanding achievement in textile or polymer chemistry or other fields of chemistry of major importance to textile science.

Zeronian is known for his significant research contributions on the relationship between polymer structure and single fiber mechanical properties in natural and manufactured fibers.

He has published more than 120 papers and three textbooks, and given more than 75 talks at professional meetings. He is a member of the American Chemical Society (Cellulose, Paper and Textile Division) and the Fiber Society.

Urban beekeepers on the upswing in California
News Text:
..."There has been and still is a burst in the desire of non-beekeepers to keep bees," said Eric Mussen, a bee guru who retired last year from the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology.

Feast Your Eyes on This

What does the flurry for recent food movies say about our obsessions with all things culinary? Sandra M. Gilbert writes in The American Scholar about contemporary culture and food.
News Text: ... Sandra M. Gilbert is distinguished professor of English emerita at the University of California, Davis, and the author of eight...

Healers Once Prescribed Chocolate Like Aspirin
News Text: extremely healthful,” says Louis Grivetti, a nutrition historian at the University of California, Davis. Most of what we know...Smithsonian Online

PHOTOS: 13 Epic Animal Migrations That Beat Your Lame Commute

Hugh Dingle, a professor emeritus at UC Davis, is quoted about the evolution of migratory behavior in the introduction to this collection of animal migration